7 Ways To Boost Local SEO By Optimizing Your Blog

Boost Local SEO

Having a blog and constantly updating it is one of the best means to ensure a high ranking in search engines. It helps though to make the most out of it to help your business take off. Here are seven ways to do that.

1.  Maintain a Stock Of A Wide Range Of Topics.

It helps to note down every single idea that suddenly pops into your head while you’re doing other tasks, like catching up on your reading list or getting your kid to make his bed in the morning. Whenever inspiration fails to hit you in the face, this list of topics will be your saving grace.

2. Go For Local SEO-Friendly Links.

Having said that, avoid blogging on a website in which the menu navigation systems don’t let you incorporate links into your content. Especially in cases when your keywords or keyword phrases are part of the links, it is important to include these links in your article or post, instead of merely placing the dreaded “click here” intermittently throughout your content. This will make your blog appear easier on the eyes and Local SEO Friendly.

3. Avoid User-Unfriendly Themes Like A Plague.

You’ll have no use with a blog theme that prevents you from customizing it at will. Your blog is not a static element of your business strategy; it is a dynamic marketing tool. Being able to change your theme from time to time lets you present your products and services in a new way every time. This serves to attract new customers as well as let you retain your existing clients. 

4. Go Straight To The Point.

It truly helps to keep your blog posts and articles as brief as you can to make them more local SEO-friendly. You might feel that the topic you are working on should be explained thoroughly to do its job of enticing your customers, and the best way to do that is to let your words flow. But your audience might think otherwise, and rightly so! Visitors of your blog or site are usually pressed for time, and it’s only expected that they also have other websites and blogs to check out. Keep them interested enough in reading your blog posts to the end by baiting them with your eye-catching titles and concise attention-grabbing content!

5. Shake Things Up A Little.

BlogImagine that you are a first-time visitor to your own blog. Would you be interested in reading post after post that are, at best, rehashed versions of a single recurrent topic, like “The Many Ways Our Company Can Provide You Premium Ice Balls?” Your blog should contain articles that all relate to your business, but make sure to present them in different ways. Try tackling the same topic at different angles. You could state the benefits of buying your products with you as its business owner as of the voice in the article; you could also write another article on the same topic but from a customer’s perspective this time.

6. Remember That an Article A Day Keeps The Customers Coming Back For More.

The importance of posting on your blog frequently cannot be overstated. If posting daily seems unreasonable to you, since you do have other business tasks to attend to, it would help to make a habit out of creating a blog post every week instead. This lets your blog visitors and customers feel more connected to your blog and to your business.

7. Give Your Audience A Voice.

AudienceThis is a surefire way of engaging your visitors as well as potential and existing customers within your website. Make them feel heard and let them know you care about what they have to say by letting them comment on your posts. This is also a great way for you to get new ideas for your next line of products or for supplementing your existing services offered. Going the local SEO way of drumming up a business no longer means just setting up a blog to showcase your products and services. It also means giving your blog the time and effort it needs to sustain itself and help you rank high in local searches.

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