A Simple Guide on Link Building

Link Building
Link building is considered of the foundation of a successful search engine optimization campaign. It is important that every website builds backlinks in order to be positioned in the top search engine results for their chosen keywords. This process can be very time-consuming and when not done right can spell tragedy to your SEO campaign.


What is Link Building?

Link Building is defined as the process of creating backlinks from other websites pointing to your own website. Generally, these links should come from high-quality and reputable sites. In order to ensure maximum value, you need to use your keyword as the anchor text.

There are different ways wherein you can get backlinks. You can get backlinks from articles, advertisements, press releases, comments, bookmarks, social media, etc.


Why Is There a Need to Build Backlinks?


Search engines use backlinks to gauge how a website will fair in their search engine results. Search engines, like Google, consider the quantity and quality of the links as the two primary factors when ranking a website in the search engine results page.

Websites that have a lot of high-quality backlinks can be considered as an authority on their subject matter and will therefore will be positioned in the top positions of a search engine results page.


How Can You Build Backlinks?

There are numerous ways wherein you can build backlinks for your website. Some of the most popular and widely accepted methods are the following:


• Article Marketing

This is one of the most popular tools in building backlinks as articles are very effective in establishing credibility for your site. The article needs to have your keywords and should link to your main site.

Always make sure that you follow the rules and guidelines set by the article directories in order to make sure that your articles will be accepted for publishing.


Blogs • Comments on Blogs or Forums

You can also get backlinks from leaving comments on blogs and forum websites. You can do this by having your keywords as your username and should link back to your main website. However, these methods has been highly abused in the past years.

Most blogs and forum sites are cracking down on people using this strategy. In order to make sure that your comments don’t get deleted or your account doesn’t get banned, you need to make sure that your comments relate to the post and have substance.


• Social Bookmarks

This is another popular link-building strategy and just like blog and forum comments, social bookmarking has also been greatly abused. Although Google has been cracking down on sites abusing these methods; and has exponentially decreased its value, social bookmarking can still provide SEO value to your site.


• Web Directories

A long time ago, submitting a site to a web directory is a surefire way of increasing the SEO value of a website. However, people have abused this method and forced Google to lower the value of web directory links.

Despite this, web directories can still help you search engine optimization campaign. You just need to make sure that the web directories that you would associate a website with are reputable and high quality.


• Facebook and Twitter


Now, Google has reiterated the importance of Social Media in Link Building. You can create links that can get tons of traffic just from these two social networking sites. When using Facebook and Twitter, you will not only reach a lot of potential customers but will also help your search engine optimization campaign.

These are just some of the most popular link-building methods that you need to know. They can help you get your site in the top search engine results page if done right.

Before you build any backlinks, you need to make sure that you do some research first and come up with a solid plan on how to go by your SEO campaign for your website.