Addressing The Most Common Link Building Concerns


Here’s one truly misguided notion link building on its own is good enough to work magic. Some people still don’t get the point that the main goal in getting links is to achieve better rankings in the top search engines; if you’re not doing that, you’re just going around in circles accomplishing nothing for your website.

However, this is a common scenario faced by those enthusiastic about building links – doing things the wrong way and ending up getting penalized in the process. This can be quite frustrating and disheartening, especially if you honestly think you’re doing everything right.

Therefore, to help you recover from these penalties, you need to have a better understanding of the kinds of links you need to get rid of.

Here are some of the most common link-related problems that you must avoid in the future:


The Article Directories

Last year, these were hit during the initial Penguin release. So if you’re still adding links to article directories, stop it. Furthermore, if you have links that resulted from these article directories, have them removed right away.

If you cannot, try using Google Disavow Tool to ask Google to ignore it. Yes, it really works, and the only way for you to believe it is to try it yourself.

Irrelevant Guest Posts

link-buildingAvoid posting on sites that have little or no relevance to you. Find ones that are directly related to your website or one that can complement your products or services. Aim high and try to win guest postings on sites that truly have high ratings and authority in the eyes of their visitors.

You may not achieve this the first few times, but keep making unique, high-quality content and eventually, your target site has no choice but to take notice.

Use of Infographics

Link Building

When done the right way, infographics are great and serve their link building purpose really well; this is exactly the reason why many people are fond of these. Then again, many people make the mistake of focusing on their quantity, and not their quality.

Again, this is pointless so put a stop to this immediately. Eventually, Google will find a way to have low-quality infographics penalized (although it’s hard for it to do this now because of algorithm factors). Today, it’s still concerned about people and if they’re genuinely endorsing the page they are linking to, so be careful.

Paid Guest Posts

Unbelievably, many people do this to this day. If you notice a particular site that has a substantial number of incoming links from posts where you can see embedded anchor text smack down the middle, then most likely, those are paid guest posts. Your targets must always be high-end because this is the kind of link building and branding that will endear you to top search engines.

Lousy Content


The term seems harsh, but it’s true.

How do you know people genuinely like what you’re putting out there?

Review your social networks and see if you’re getting any love.

What about your visitors on your site? Do they stay for less than a minute then scamper off to the next, more relevant site?

Right now Google is making huge efforts in trying to figure out those who are publishing awesome content, and of course, those who are not.

These link-building concerns are not meant to scare you off, on the contrary, they’re meant to inspire you into coming up with amazing content that is truly worth seeing. Link building takes patience and a lot of hard work, but remember, the pay-off is great and definitely worth your while. As the saying goes, you have nothing to fear when you’re doing the right thing.

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