Affordable SEO Services – A Focus on Popular Types of Content

As Internet marketers, professionals will always be requested to provide impressive yet affordable SEO services. SEO refers to search engine optimization which is the optimization of websites to allow people easy to search via search engines such as Google. The main purpose of SEO is to attract or increase search engine traffic. To optimize the content for the search engines, there are important tasks that must be accomplished.

Keyword research and optimization, which involves knowing what keywords will bring in more search engine traffic as well as knowing when and how to use keywords, should be completed before writing anything.

Aside from that, content and promotion should be carried out as well.

The content written for SEO is not just a plain article. There is a plethora of SEO content that professional writers and the likes can offer.

Here are examples of the different types of SEO content professionals can provide to those looking for budget-friendly optimization services:



Just think about interviews, feature piece, and news articles. The articles that are mostly found on a magazine- and newspaper-style websites fall under this type.

Product Pages

These are the SEO content type that would increase traffic for any retail e-commerce website. A high-quality product page can serve two vital purposes:

1.) SEO content

2.) Pay-Per-Click landing pages.



These SEO content are longer pieces that aims to provide a detailed explanation on how to do something. At times, the guides are broken up into several web pages to avoid information overload.

In using the guides, these can be posted in full on the website or an excerpt or summary can be published online and then just require visitors to register to be able to read the entirety of the guide.

The guides are extremely useful in generating leads, though asking visitors to register will most likely reduce the volume of SEO traffic coming in to that content.


Blog Post

Creating a regular stream of content is easy with a blog. Blog posts are engaging and are highly likely to attract links compared to other SEO content type. Blogging is then considered to be a great way for building authority for the website.




Technically, lists are just one kind of article. However, writing the article in a list-type allows readers to easily scan it. When users search in the search engine or view the social media feeds, they will most likely click when the title of the article showcases a list of what they want to know.

For example, it will be a hit to list the top ten reasons why people should use SEO writing services.



Generally, websites are less likely to use fewer videos compared to text. However, depending on the website or business being run, the videos might be the best means to rank high on the first page of the search results for a keyword.

Videos can be an excellent way of attracting and reaching the audience. Tutorials of product usage, the illustration of processes, and the likes are better showcased via video.



As to be expected, the slideshow is designed to display a series of images. Sometimes, pictures have more importance than texts. To make it easier to build up the importance of pictures over text, take Emmy’s awards night.

Showcasing what the celebrities wear at the event is better illustrated when pictures are used instead of highfalutin words of design terms the readers might not understand.




When it comes to the Internet, there is a need for a useful taxonomy of links to resources or websites, especially around a given topic. The solution for this is the directories.

A good example would be a blog that focuses on SEO content writing services. In this blog, a directory of reputable SEO content writing companies can be created.

While seemingly simple, taking advantage of directories is far from simple – experts need to take the directory site’s authoritativeness into account.



Instead of getting a dictionary, people would oftentimes access the Internet and use Google to look up the meaning of terms they encounter. More and more people do things this way (which isn’t surprising at all, given the convenience to be enjoyed).

Specific industries will require a well-built glossary to allow both specialists and non-specialists to understand the terms used in the trade. With the glossary, a good volume of traffic will be driven to the website.

If an example is to be given, think about the medical industry. A glossary for medical terms is quite common in the online world.


images (2)Info-graphics

These are large-format images designed to contain information on a single topic in the form of charts or graphs. Nowadays, these large-format images generate more links and page views.

Just take note though that the content being delivered to the users are strewn all over the image, which is unreadable as text, and thus are not spidered by search engines. Hence, it is vital to optimizing the rest of the web page carefully.


Furthermore, it should be kept in mind that while info-graphics need to be eye-catching, making them too big (whether in terms of bytes or pixels) could cause problems.

Something that covers the entire page and makes things harder to navigate will only discourage visitors to continue exploring the site. An image that takes far too long to load has the same negative effect.


The list is still long. These types are just the basics of SEO content.
Likewise, these only represent a small fraction of what search optimization specialists have to offer – even to those looking for the most affordable SEO services.
Always remember there are other types of content that writers can take advantage of, particularly when it comes to increasing awareness and visibility online.

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