The Rise of Content Writing Services in COVID 19



Content is considered the backbone of any online marketing campaign. Having a visually appealing website is just one of the numerous factors in the success of any online marketing strategy. However, there is another factor that plays a role as important as the website’s design is content. It is said that words are all you need to attract visitors to your website.


  • Business and Content Writing

A well-written content for your blog or website can go a long way. Therefore, it is important that the contents of your website are well-written. They should not only be interesting to read, but they also must be keyword optimized for search engine optimization purposes.

search engine optimizationHowever, writing high-quality content while following all rules and regulations in SEO is not an easy balance to maintain. Writing compelling content that is also search engine optimized requires a lot of skill. It is this fact that prompted the increasing number of professional content writers offering their expertise at a cost.

In fact, the sudden rise of professional writers spurned a new industry of sorts catering to the increasing need for high-quality content in the online world.

The question that lingers in most people’s minds is whether content writing services offered by professional writers and firms really worth it?

Is it really financially-wise to invest a portion of your revenue in a content writing service? After all, writing high quality is a skill that can be acquired through constant practice and experience.

With regards to the profitability factor of hiring content writing services, the profit is surely there. Hiring a professional to work on your website or blog content goes beyond just being a keyword-filled block of texts.

The contents that these professionals create transform into compelling sales copy apart from being keyword-riched for SEO purposes. If you look at things on a positive note, hiring a content writing service can help you save because you are able to achieve two different purposes at the cost of just one.


  • Hiring a Freelance Writer vs. Content Writing Service

You can also hire the services of a freelance content writer to do the writing aspect of your online marketing campaign for a lot less. However, there are some inevitable issues when hiring freelancers. One of these issues is that the contents they create tend to be a hit and miss.

Their written articles have tendencies to be repetitive, making your website’s copy not able to serve its purpose of attracting the readers. Therefore, even though you can save a lot by hiring a freelance content writer, everything goes to waste since you are not able to fulfill your purpose.



Another undesirable thing about hiring a freelance writer is that you don’t have full control of their work schedule. There are instances wherein a freelance writer goes missing for days, while there are others who ditch the project completely without any prior notice.

This is because freelancers have the freedom to dictate their own pace of work. However, it is not always the case as there are competent freelancers who always make sure that they fulfill their end of the bargain. You won’t have the same issues with content writing services as these companies have set rules and guidelines for their writers.

They always make sure that the content that they create is at par with their clients’ expectations while making sure that they meet deadlines.


  • Conclusion

The answer to the question of hiring Content Writing Services is actually worth it is yes, provided that you choose the writing content writing service company. You need to hire a company that has the knowledge and expertise of writing for the online medium.

You may need to do some research beforehand as ending up with an unprofessional company might leave you shortchanged in the long run. Remember that content is what drives your online marketing campaign and is always the deciding factor for its success.