Creating Google Business Page for Local SEO

Every business that aims to have a lasting success all over search engines should know the importance of local search engine optimization (SEO).

Local SEO has considerably developed over the recent years, especially since the use of smartphones has increased when people are on the go. It focuses on giving results to a query based on the searcher’s current location.

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For example, if someone searches for “best furniture store” on their desktop computer, Google will give results that are closest to them. Similar results will appear if the query is done on a smartphone.

Recently, Google statistics say that there is an increasing number of mobile queries in the US that is local-related and a lot of mobile phone users search local information on their mobile and the main purposes are visiting or calling a business.

So that Google and other search engines can provide users with information that is closely related to the search query, local-based results will be more common.

Optimize the Website for Local Search

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Business owners should first claim Google Local for their website to make it more fitting for local SEO. Google Local is a useful tool for any business owner who uses the internet to increase their sales. Using a Google business can create a listing that will show up along with relevant search results. Since more people use their mobile phones to lookup local businesses, it is important to have a well-optimized Google Local listing.

The business profile on the Google business page must be complete. Make sure that the contact information, address, business hours, etc. are all filled in. Google will better understand the brand and the service of the business if it provides category information. It will also create a signal that the business is related to a localized search. This is the easiest way for a business to appear in search and maps.

A Google business page focuses on interacting with the public. It can show posts, images, videos, details about the business, and reviews. People are able to access these along with the comments. The local listings are particularly more prevailing if people make a query straight through maps.


The business owner must take note of the following when putting up a Google Business page for local SEO:

• The information about the business must mention the keywords –

The title of the page must have the brand name, location, and target keywords. This can be achieved without having the page or meta description look unnatural because the objective is still optimized for both customers and search engines.

• Make sure that the local listing is associated with the correct category –

Depending on the type of business, the local listing must be in the correct category. For example, “wooden furniture store” is a more relevant category instead of just a “furniture store.”

• Add the address –

Any place the address is mentioned, make sure that it is in a consistent format. Name, address, and phone number or NAP references are important in local SEO. Similar with links, NAP references give more value from authority and relevant websites.

• Reviews –

Local listings that have reviewed are more noticeable, so business owners must encourage their customers to provide comments. Positive feedback increases the chances of success.

on site local seoOn-site Local SEO

When optimizing local pages on the business website, the address must be included and the location must also be within the content and the page title tag. Moreover, the brand name, target keywords, and location must be featured on the page title tag.

The ‘contact us’ page can also have a map embedded on it as this can help in local search rankings as well because it further shows the location of the business.