Credibility Boost for an SEO Company

In the past few years, search engine optimization services have become popular as a marketing tool. From small start-up businesses to international corporate giants, everyone tapped into the potential of SEO.images (14)Unsurprisingly, more and more SEO companies are being created by people who want a share in the gold mine that is search engine optimization. Because of this, competition between the best SEO companies has been steadily rising and acquiring new clients has become tougher for most SEO companies.

This line of business is especially tougher for start-up firms, because clients, particularly the high paying ones, tend to turn to the best SEO companies that are already well established and have high credibility.

So in order to obtain success in this line of business, new companies should first focus in building their credibility instead of trying to gain more clients by employing tricks and tactics that may backfire.

There’s no denying that credibility is important for any business that is aiming for success.

Well, credibility is not hard to gain, but building it does take time. In order to boost the credibility of your company, you must nurture trust between your company and your clients by always keeping any promises made and completing any commitments.

An in addition to that, here are some tips that can help improve the credibility of your SEO company:

Create a great first impression


If you’re making use of your company website as your primary means of attracting possible clients, you should probably have it designed with a more professional look. Also, put only engaging content in your website.

Make sure that there are no typos or grammatical mistakes in your articles, because those tend to turn-off most people. Also, there might come a time when your clients may demand for an actual meeting.

In those meetings, always remember that you carry the image of your company, so try to act and look professional. Wear the proper attire and don’t forget to act accordingly. You need to do this to gain your client’s trust and respect.

Show off your expertise

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To the lay person, the experts in SEO services field are the ones that are at the top of the rankings. So as a start-up SEO company, it would be hard to convince anyone that your company is competent enough.

To counter this, you must always be up to date with the latest information, such as news, trends, and innovations in your field. Jump at any opportunity that may arise where you can show off your level of knowledge and skills to help your company rise above the competition and assure your clients of your expertise.

Positive feedback from previous clients


Testimonials from previous clients are one of the great tools you can use in building your company’s credibility, so don’t be afraid to include these in your website and in your email correspondence.

To use this tool effectively, you must do it right, don’t just simply post some quotes from your clients along with their company logos – that would only tend to look fake or completely made up. Instead, ask for a profile shot of your client and use it along his/her feedback and the date it was given.

Also, it would be great if you add the links to your client’s websites. Aside from that, remember to keep the testimonials short and if possible, highlight the key phrases.

Write great case studies


Case studies for clients are a great way of showing off your expertise as well as boosting your company’s credibility. If you still don’t have any high profile clients, it’s OK to volunteer your services to charities in return for featuring them in your site. This is a win-win situation for both parties.

Also, you can offer your services to large companies free of charge as long as they allow you to feature them on your company’s website. This practice would help boost both your experience and credibility in working with a large, well known company. It would also help in convincing possible future clients that your company’s services are great and can be relied on.

Facing negativity with positivity


At present, as the competition becomes fiercer in the online business world, it’s common to get some negative feedback or nasty comments from underhanded competitors and disgruntled past clients.

You should respond graciously and handle all negative feedback and nasty comments in an open, honest, and transparent manner. How you react to all this negativity can either boost your credibility or completely destroy it, so remember to always handle it right.

If you are aware that the fault lies in your side, then make time to own up to it and offer to discuss the issues further with your clients whether on the phone or in person. But if you’re sure that you have done nothing wrong, just take time to answer the issues, and offer the form of apology you deem to necessary. Don’t do or say anything that might encourage further discussion.

All of those tips given above are proven effective in boosting the credibility of your company, unfortunately they all take time and effort to carry out.

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It’s almost impossible to do all those things right away and their effects on your company’s credibility may not be felt right away. Well, there certainly are no shortcuts to success, always remember that building a successful business empire takes time.

Still, with determination and endless patience, you’ll be able to keep on giving quality service to keep all your clients happy. By doing everything in the right manner no matter how challenging things get, you might one day be the owner of a successful, well established, and highly credible search optimization company.