Eight Cardinal Rules of Link Building

Link Building


Several years ago, link building was an indispensable aspect of a search engine optimization campaign. Search engines like Google have been creating certain set of rules and guidelines to ensure that they can give the best search results for the internet users.


Here Are The Eight Important Rules That You Need To Remember:


1. Thou shalt know the importance of links


You need to recognize the value of your backlinks. You need to consider each link as a major contributing factor to the success of your link building campaign. You need to determine why you need these links in the first place and how can they affect your business.


2. Thou shalt build backlinks on a single website

This is one of the most common mistakes that people commit. They tend to do SEO on several websites all at once. Although it is still entirely possible to do search engine optimization to different websites, doing so will require a lot of time and effort. Doing SEO on several websites will only work if you have several people who can work with your or if you hire a reputable SEO company who can do the work for you.


3. Thou shalt make use the right kinds of links

Always make sure that you come after the right quality of links. There are lots of websites out there that are considered to be of poor quality and no relevance at all to your industry or niche. Stay away from these websites as much as possible since they will provide no value to your SEO campaign.


4. Thou shalt make use different keywords


A few years ago, having two or three keywords are good enough to help with the SEO campaign. Now, it is advisable that you have several sets of keywords. They could either be short or long-tail keywords.

Nowadays, more and more people are using long tail keywords to search something on the internet. You also need to do the same. You can find long-tail keywords that relate to your niche and choose the ones with the most number of searches per month.


5. Thou shalt value link diversity

This is one of the newer rules imposed by Google. Now, it is advisable that you acquire backlinks not only from high pageranks site but also from lower ones. You also need to have a good blend of do-follow and no-follow links. Having an abundance of either do-follow or no-follow links can jeopardize your SEO campaign.


6. Thou shalt value guest blogging


Nowadays, it is important that you get your contents across different readership and platform. If you come up with something that you can’t simply share on your blog since your views can only be counter by your fingers, you might as well submit a blog to other websites. This can be very beneficial to both of you since you can get additional readership and a backlink for each of your site.


7. Thou shalt work on the content


One of the primary rules and guidelines set by Google is that you need work your content. it is what the search engine is looking at right now. Google always prefer quality content that is written for people who want to get information. Also, you need to make sure that your articles are free from spelling and grammatical errors as Google penalized a content that one can barely understand.


8. Thou shalt have patience

Always remember that you can’t expect instantaneous results if you have just done link building recently. Search engine optimization takes some time before you see any desirable results. You just need to make sure you continuously work on your search engine optimization campaign even after you have achieved the results you wanted.


Just remember all these cardinal link building guidelines and you will surely get the results that you want. It does not yield instant results. Link building is a continuous prices that will require a decent amount of time and effort in your part.


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