Five Link Building Myths that can Kill Your SEO Campaign


Since most businesses nowadays have shifted their marketing efforts online, you need to make sure that you come up with a solid search engine optimization campaign that can topple down your competitors.

Through the years, search engine optimization has become the primary online marketing technique used by most people. It’s not only effective but also cost-effective. It costs a lot less than investing in traditional marketing methods that most of the time are considered to be hit or miss.

If you are familiar or already have been using SEO, then you might as well heard of link building. It is one of the most important factors in search engine optimization as it is considered to be the foundation of any successful SEO campaign.

However, just like any marketing strategy in existence, there are also several misconceptions about this method that you need to avoid. It is important that you avoid this misconception in order to get the most out of your search engine optimization campaign.


• Reciprocal Links Can Help in SEO

Reciprocal Linking

This method requires two different websites to exchange links in order to benefit each other in terms of SEO. This method has been very effective in the past five years. However, Google has realized that a lot of people have been abusing this method. Therefore, they have decided to decrease the value of reciprocal links. They still work but just don’t expect that you’d get the same results from five years ago.


• Get Links From High Page Rank Websites Only

High page ranking Links

Most of the time, people spend time looking for websites with high PageRank. This is because that they have the misconception that only links from high page ranks websites matter. However, that is not the case. Google values any type of links as long as you get links from high-quality websites that are relevant to your niche or industry.

This is what we call link diversity. The more diverse your links are the more Google will value your site. This will provide them the impression that you are not trying to manipulate their algorithm in your favor.


• Creating Web Links Are Still Very Effective

SEO Linking

A few years back, search engine optimization and link building are done by creating a network of websites that interlink to each other. Each site connects to the other websites in order to create a web or hierarchy of links. The goal of this method is to increase link relevancy as the sites cover the same niche.

However, Google has been cracking down on this method. Since this SEO method no longer works just the way it was before, you might as well make use of one-way links as they are far more effective and reliable.


• Stop Link Building as Soon You Get Your Desired Results

stop link building

This one of the most common link-building mistakes that most people commit. Most of them spend months after months working on their search engine optimization campaign and once they get the results that they want, they suddenly stop working on the SEO campaign.

The truth of the matter is that search engine optimization is an on-going process. A value of a link decays over time and your competitors are also doing SEO. Stopping while you savor your victory will just result to your downfall.


• Link Building is Fast and Easy


This is what most people think and expect about search engine optimization. Although SEO can be very effective as a way to help a business get their website on the top search engine results, one cannot expect to yield positive results in a blink of an eye.

The business that has succeeded using SEO would likely agree is that search engine optimization takes sine time before it yields any desirable results. It could take months or even a year or so to get the results that you want.


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