Myths & Misconceptions of Organic SEO that You Need to Know

Traditional marketing methods are gradually declining. This is because the internet has taken over as the primary medium for marketing. People now leverage the power of the internet to help them let the world know of their products and services. Marketing through the internet is a lot cheaper than paying for traditional marketing methods. Search engines have played a huge role in most businesses’ online marketing methods.

Organic SEO


Search Engine Giant Google Makes Several Changes to its Algorithm Every Year.

Serch Engine
Google yields quality search engine results that provide internet users with relevant and quality content. Besides the wide array of search engine optimization techniques that can be used to help improve the search engine results pages or SERPs, other SEO methods are circulating on the internet with many unable to agree or go against such theories.


Organic SEO, on the other hand, is a specific SEO technique wherein you get your website to the first page of the search engine results page. Organic Search Results refer to the list of top websites due to actual searches made by users according to their relevance to the search terms (i. e. keywords) that have been used.

They are considered organic since there’s no need to pay the search engine to have your website listed, which some people also call paid listings.

Search engines also gauge the number of high-quality external links that are pointing to your websites to know your ranking in search results for your chosen keywords.


The Myths and Misconceptions:-


  • SEO landscapeEach year, new myths and misconceptions about search engine optimization emerge. This is because what was working in the past year or so is not as effective anymore in today’s SEO landscape.


  • With the increasing popularity of search engines in the past decade, it would be smart for these search engine companies to change with the times.


  • It is a norm for a search engine such as Google to change its search algorithm each year.


  • For you to improve your Organic SEO campaign, you must be familiar with the rules and guidelines imposed by search engines. You need to keep your SEO campaign in line with what the search engines are looking for to be effective.


  • This is one of the primary rules of SEO. One of the first myths of organic is SEO is that using Google’s services will improve your SEO ranking. Using Google’s Webmaster Tools can indeed provide you some input to further improve your SEO methods but it doesn’t guarantee that your strategy will work. It has already been proven that using the search engine giant’s services has no substantial impact on an online marketing campaign.


  • The next myth is that the rules on keywords stuffing and density have greatly changed in the past few years. Most people are still stuck with the premise that keyword density needs to follow a specific formula to be effective. Unfortunately, this technique no longer works. Today using keywords is not all about the numbers. How you intelligently use your keywords throughout your content is the key.

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