Original Search Engine Optimization Post Mechanics

SEO Post Mechanics

SEO or search engine optimization affects the visibility of a webpage or site in a search engine’s search results. It helps draw more visitors to the website. The higher a website is in a search engine’s search results, the more frequent that website would be visited.

Search engine optimization spans more than just web results; it also covers image results, video results, local results, and news results. Optimizing an original SEO post would involve updating its content, HTML, and other methods.

Analytics could also be set up to help in studying SEO data. An original SEO post on a website helps in increasing the chances that that site or post itself will be featured in a search engine.

website data to business plant strategy

Internet marketing strategists study how the search engines work, the search terms that people input, and what search engines are more preferred by the people.

This information helps in determining the strategy that will be used to optimize a website or TrendiByte to help it be shown in the results of a search.

The popular search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, and Google use what is known as web crawlers to look for pages for their search results. Each of the search engine companies has its own algorithm in determining what shows up in their search results.

The web crawlers take a look at a number of factors when scanning a website. Not every website or web page is indexed by search engines.

Web crawlers may run into undesirable content when scanning web pages, so webmasters direct them not to scan certain directories. The owner of an original SEO post may also choose to exclude their page from being scanned by the web crawlers. Some pages that are excluded from web crawlers are login-specific pages and user-specific content.

A number of things can be done to help increase the standing of a web page in the search results. One of them is by cross-linking or providing links between pages of the same website. Also, having content that includes keyword phrases that are commonly searched also helps in drawing visitors. Content that is updated often will also lead the web crawlers to frequently come back.


There are white hat and black hat SEO techniques that are done to help in getting indexed.


A white hat SEO technique is when it abides by a search engine’s rules and involves no trickery.


Black and white hat seo

  • It is about making sure that the content that a search engine will index is the same content that people will see.
  • It is also about creating content that is for the people, and not just for the purpose of showing up in a search engine’s search results.


On the other hand, black hat techniques involve trying to increase a website’s rankings with methods that are looked down upon by search engines.


  • Examples would be using hidden texts or redirecting to a different page depending on if the page is being asked for by a person or a search engine.
  • This technique is called cloaking. Websites that are discovered to have used black hat techniques are penalized either by a decrease in rankings or taking out the website altogether from a search engine’s database.


As a marketing strategy, SEO is not suitable for every website.


  • It may produce a return on investment, but search engines’ algorithms change every now and then so there are no guarantees.
  • If a business heavily relies on search engine traffic, it can amass huge losses once the search engine stops referring visitors to their site.

Other marketing strategies such as Pay-Per-Click Campaigns would be more effective.