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Basic Facts about Pay per Click Advertising
Site owners needing fast and massive traffic to their new websites or projects can find a good option in paid search or pay per click (PPC) marketing. Pay per click is an internet advertising model in which publishers get paid by advertisers with every click on ads.   PPC fees…
March 5th, 2020 / TrendiByte
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Five Link Building Myths that can Kill Your SEO Campaign
Since most businesses nowadays have shifted their marketing efforts online, you need to make sure that you come up with a solid search engine optimization campaign that can topple down your competitors. Through the years, search engine optimization has become the primary online marketing technique used by most people. It’s…
March 5th, 2020 / TrendiByte
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seo web design
SEO Web Design and Hosting: An Introduction
Experienced web developers are familiar with the phrase “SEO web design and hosting.” After all, design and hosting are legitimate concerns that a web developer should take seriously, since they both affect a website’s ranking in search engine results. What is web design? Web design is how a website appears…
March 4th, 2020 / TrendiByte
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on site seo
On-Site SEO Optimization Strategy
SEO (search engine optimization) is a strategy comprising of many sets of techniques. Its ultimate goal is to improve the ranking of a website in search engines. The process starts with the optimization of on-site elements that can directly affect off-site optimization. Below is a list of good on-site SEO…
March 4th, 2020 / TrendiByte
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Quantifying the Value of Pay per Click Advertising
One of the more popular forms of internet advertising pay per click (PPC) was developed to fill the need of advertisers for an innovative and effective avenue to reach out to potential customers. As internet usage increased over the years, so did the potential of using paid search marketing to…
March 3rd, 2020 / TrendiByte
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Link Building
A Simple Guide on Link Building
Link building is considered of the foundation of a successful search engine optimization campaign. It is important that every website builds backlinks in order to be positioned in the top search engine results for their chosen keywords. This process can be very time consuming and when not done right can…
March 2nd, 2020 / TrendiByte
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video transrating
Video Optimization Techniques
Videos are visually stimulating and shareable entertainment media. They are everywhere on the World Wide Web and are created by millions of online entrepreneurs (as well as mere netizens) who have access to any camera or mobile device that enable them to capture all kinds of scenes. They can also…
March 1st, 2020 / TrendiByte
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google+ page for local seo
Creating Google Business Page for Local SEO
Every business that aims to have a lasting success all over search engines should know the importance of local search engine optimization (SEO). Local SEO has considerably developed over the recent years, especially since the use of smartphones has increased when people are on the go. It focuses on giving…
February 29th, 2020 / TrendiByte
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Finding the Right Professional SEO Services Provider
A great professional SEO services provider is something most online businesses need in order to get ahead of their competitors. But not all SEO services companies are the same. Some are more targeted towards providing marketing strategies for bigger companies and could sometimes be too expensive for a small business.…
February 28th, 2020 / TrendiByte
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Link Building
Some Common Misconceptions about Link Building
Link building is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any search engine optimization campaign. However, there are several myths and misconceptions that surround this SEO strategy because most people are misinformed. These myths have only increased after the Google Pigeon update.  The truth is that there is no…
February 27th, 2020 / TrendiByte
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