Pay Per Click Ad: Make It Work to Generate Visitors


Pay Per Click advertising is a fantastic way to generate visitors but it’s also risky. If the advertisement is not properly managed, the advertiser may gain higher traffic but has nothing to present to his visitors. He’ll end up spending a lot of money without gaining revenue.


How To Make It Work


The First Step to Make PPC Ad Work is to Pay Closer Attention to The Conversions.

This is the best strategy to use if you want to stay on budget. Conversion is the time when a visitor takes an action.

Examples of conversion:

  • The visitor purchased a product.
  • The visitor completed the sales inquiry form.
  • The visitor downloaded a white paper.
  • The visitor registered to the site.

Keep in mind that conversion doesn’t mean you have to make a sale. It is something that has worth to you. A PPC ad is useless if there is no useful outcome in every visit to the site. Google Analytics has a free tracking system that allows the advertiser to measure all conversions in his entire PPC sources. If the conversion increased a month after the campaign started, then it’s good to go.


Set a Sensible Budget For The Pay Per Click Ad.

There is no right amount when it comes to advertising; it depends on how much an advertiser is willing to spend. Just make sure that the total revenue earned in each click should always be greater than the money spent on each click. Don’t be disappointed if your initial profit is not that much. If you work hard, it will pay off in the long run.


Look For Keywords That Are Relative To Your Niche.


Most people aim their ads at the most common terms such as “bike parts” or “dresses.” It’s tempting since the common terms get more searches but it comes with a huge disadvantage. A lot of people bid on the common terms so the cost per click is quite high. And even if a searcher clicked your ad, the chance of a conversion is lower.

So, focus more on narrow yet focused keywords such as ‘bridesmaids dresses’ or ‘road racing tires’. These keywords will cost less and the searchers of those terms will be far more likely to purchase. Use the tools from Google or Bing to test the keywords for best focus, click-through, and cost combination.


Don’t Ignore The Importance Of Good Content.

Most pay per click publishers requires advertisers to write a short description about their businesses. When creating one, make sure that spelling, grammar, and the overall language is appropriate for your target visitors. It’s also important to verify the rules of language enforced by the PPC service.

To know About Content Writing

For example, Google doesn’t allow ads that contain repeated keywords, excessive capitalization, and superlatives such as “the best” or “the greatest”.


Produce Quality Score.

Quality Score

The quality score is based on various factors such as the ad performance, the ad content, and the quality of the page to which the ad is directed. You can gain a quality score by building your history. Your history gets better as your campaign remains longer. If you switch accounts, you will start from scratch and your history will be erased. So, keep your account for as long as you possibly can.


Don’t Stop Testing Your Ads.

Test the ad copy to ensure the best click-through rate. A higher click-through rate can also give you a better quality score.

These are the best ways to make your PPC campaign work. Don’t set up ads and then leave them. Continue to manage your pay per click campaign well and you’ll eventually receive the reward of your hard work.

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