Price Structures for Search Engine Optimization Service

Structures for SEO Service

How do site owners ensure that they attract a large audience and increase their chances of doing business with potential clients?

Most would opt to look for professional search engine optimization services.

Hiring SEO firms who provide these services means that a site owner will have bigger chances of being more easily visible to any person searching for specific terms on the internet. 


Simply put, good search optimization translates to better chances of landing on the first results page in any search engine. There’s a wide range of affordable SEO service packages – some only include a few consultations and thus are cheap, while others are straight-up expensive (they require a big budget to maintain). 

With that in mind, one question emerges – how much should a person be paying for search engine optimization services, and how much does SEO service cost anyways?


This article aims to shed some light on the situation. This reveals the affordable SEO service plans suitable for site owners with tight budgets, as well as the expensive services that a large business might need to invest in. 


There are five basic structures that firms use when they establish the prices for their SEO Service. The structures are hourly, monthly pricing, per project, ala carte, and pay for performance. 



This structure is for site owners who just want a little guidance or advice on what they’ve been doing for their pages. Usually, this is done through a consultation with an SEO firm’s Agent or with an individual contractor.


PricingMonthly Pricing

This is the structure that most firms go for. An SEO firm will charge a set price every month for a set of services that have been agreed upon by both parties. Some techniques or methods could include site analytics reports, link building, Content Making, keyword analytics, and research.

However, a site owner should be careful about accepting seemingly inexpensive deals from firms. The amount clients pay is actually related to the quality of the service they receive, so extremely low prices could mean that an SEO firm will employ some Black Hat SEO methods to cut corners. 


Per Project

Instead of investing in a firm monthly, a site owner could ask how long and how much it would take for them to be able to improve his/her site and attract audiences. The firm will present the client with the amount of time it would take to accomplish what they’ve been asked to do, along with the fixed cost.

The cost could be slightly higher or similar to the monthly pricing structure, but it all depends on what type of work needs to be done on the site, how many months it would take, and the type of firm the site owner hires


Ala Carte

Ordering services ala carte means that a site owner gets to pick a specific search engine optimization method or technique that he/she would like to be used for the webpage. A site owner may just want articles written, auditing, code overhaul, or social media setups, not wanting to take the sets being offered for monthly pricing. Prices are different depending on the specific service that the site owner wants.


Pay for PerformancePay for Performance

The pay for performance structure seems a little too good to be true, and it probably is. Some like to only put a price on something that turns out to be of good value, and the same holds true here. When a site owner hires a firm that does pay for performance services, he/she would probably get results quickly, as the firm will do their best to quickly improve the site’s ranking.

After all, it is only when the site gets ranked that they will get paid. Many look down on this structure and claim that firms who use this structure do Black Hat SEO, but many companies use this to alleviate a client’s concerns when they think that an investment won’t yield the results they want in a timely manner. 


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