Process of Video SEO Optimization : Do You Need It?


Many videos are uploaded and shared every second, especially on YouTube. Most of these videos are simply visual records of moments that are significant for the up-loaders on a personal level. They do not have any commercial value, charitable purpose, or helpful intent.

These videos, however, get mixed with the videos that are actually uploaded for substantial purposes (like the one you’re preparing for your business).

Without proper optimization and organization, videos would be an online clutter of media, and those videos that need visibility will never surface and reach the intended audiences.

A lot of useful videos are lost and buried in a vast sea of miscellaneous videos that continue to increase in number. These lost videos are either unsearchable or unrecognized by search engine bots, and the only solution to remedy such a problem is to fix the videos’ data and texts. That is where video optimization or video SEO comes in.


The Process of Video Optimization Involves Three Primary Methods:


Optimizing Video Information For Search Engine Crawlers

Video Optimization

In this method, the information that accompanies your video should be enhanced or improved so it can be indexed by search engine crawlers. That information is the data found outside of the video, because crawlers cannot read into the video itself. The readable data are the video titles, descriptions or transcripts, the metadata, tags, and the keywords.

This works by letting the readable data feed the crawlers with relevant words (the keywords) that match search engine keys. When your keywords match the actual search keys, the crawlers will then be able to index your video as a match for that search key and enable the video to surface or appear in the search results.

To know about Video Keywords


Submitting RSS or MRSS Feeds to Third-Party Sites

This works by entering the titles, descriptions, keywords, thumbnails, categories, and full transcripts of your videos into the feed that you submit.


Uploading to Video-Sharing Sites

This where you upload your site’s videos to a third-party video upload site like YouTube. This works by ensuring that you provide all the necessary video information (title, description, and tags), backlinks to related content on your site, and a video sitemap for the videos that can be found on your website.


Video Optimization Could be Applied to Any Video, But Not Everyone Needs to Optimize Videos For Visibility.

If you only uploaded a video on a personal blog that can be accessed by a particular group of people, or if the video is intended to reach only a single person (message video), then optimization is not a necessity. Video optimization is for those videos that are created for the purpose of reaching a target population.


A Good Example Of This is a Product Video.

Video Tutorial

Product videos are created to market a company’s line of products to target customers. The videos could be demonstrations of the products for prospective customers, troubleshooting videos for purchased products, or advertisements for new and upcoming products. These videos need to be viewed because that is their sole purpose and that is what the creators intend to happen.


Another Example is a Tutorial or How-to Video.

Many technical, crafting and DIY videos are uploaded for the purpose of providing assistance to people who seek help in hands-on projects. These videos are made with effort as the creators went through actual physical labor just to present a good demonstration or step-by-step procedure on particular projects. These videos need visibility in order for their target audience to access them whenever they need the help they require.


The Same Also Applies To a Self-Help Video.

This could be therapy videos, exercise videos, or meditation videos that are intended to cater wellness and fitness information for people who seek help but do not have the time or money to go out and avail the sessions they need from professionals.


In short, if your video does not need to be viewed by numerous people, you do not need video SEO. If your video needs to deliver important information to your intended viewers (and obviously it does), then it should be optimized.