SEO Web Design and Hosting: An Introduction

seo web designExperienced web developers are familiar with the phrase “SEO Web Design and Hosting.” After all, design and hosting are legitimate concerns that a web developer should take seriously since they both affect a website’s ranking in search engine results.


What is Web Design?


Web design is how a website appears to its visitors. Just like how a good book designer pays careful attention to the general layout of the book pages, an effective web designer also takes the time in constructing his web pages.

The overall appearance of a website is a big factor that helps a visitor decide if he or she will stay longer or move to another site. The more aesthetically pleasing he or she finds the web page, the bigger the chances that he or she will be willing to continue reading its content.

It is, therefore, the designer’s job, in cooperation with the site writer (if they are two different people), to encourage the visitor to spend more time browsing the website’s pages. To do this, the designer must create a balance between design and content. A good SEO web design and hosting services provider should attend to both requirements.


What is Web Hosting?

A web host is a server that houses a website, blog, or forum. Web hosts are similar to landlords—a website owner pays for the lease of a physical server, which he can then use to house his web pages.


There are three basic kinds of web hosting services:

  1. Dedicated Hosting Service

  2. Virtual Private Server

  3. Shared Web Hosting Service


  • Dedicated Hosting Service

It is the most expensive on the list, but clients get full control of the physical server and experience a little problem with downtime and bandwidth.


  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

virtual hosting

VPS is less pricey, but clients have to share the physical server with others. This means that websites with the same physical server will have the same IP address.

However, these clients are granted private ownership of a virtual server, which gives them independence from other people who are not subscribed to the VPS service, in terms of configuring their server settings.


  • Shared Web Hosting Service

Lastly, there is the Shared Web Hosting Service, where multiple customers share one server. This is the cheapest hosting option a website developer can have and is perfect for those who are just starting their first website or blog.


  • What is SEO Web Design and Hosting?

web design

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a method that web developers use to increase their chances of ranking higher in search engine results, like Google’s or Bing’s. Good SEO employs different techniques, such as improving on an article’s content, using keyword-rich meta tags and descriptions, and taking advantage of social media networks.

SEO web design simply means incorporating SEO techniques into the website’s layout, in order to help search engine crawlers locate the site quicker and possibly rank it higher.

Search engines rely heavily on reading a website’s text rather than its images, so good designers should learn how to use different methods of incorporating text into their design. This can include adding alt text for photos, avoiding too many flash menus, and not embedding important keywords in images.

Web hosting can also contribute to, or limit, the design of a website. Depending on the web host service provider, web designers can freely layout the web pages to make them more noticeable by search engine crawlers or be limited in their options because of issues in bandwidth, site speed, and uptime/downtime periods.


  • Why is it Important?

SEO web design and hosting are important because both a site’s design and hosting service can make or break its website rank. By designing the website in an attractive but user-friendly manner, website owners are making it possible for their web pages to rank high in search engine results. And it is easier to do this if they get a host service provider that gives the proper technical support they need.