Social Media Optimization: Tips for Social Media Marketers

Social media marketing requires resources that will work efficiently with your business. You need to have the best social media optimization tools to be able to handle your social media activities well and track user engagements. Social media managers try different publishing tools in order to make their presence known on the Internet.

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Here Are Some Of The Tips and Social Media Optimization Tools That Marketers Can Try To Improve Their Marketing Strategy:


social media campaignManage Campaigns Efficiently

Developing a workflow structure is important to ensure that your social media team is informed about your objectives. It’s best if the tasks are properly designated to different members of the team so overlapping of posts and replies can be avoided. You can also work on your SMO strategy well if you are all on the same page.


There Are Social Media Optimization Tools That Are Good For Large Social Media Teams.

  • Spredfast –

This is a great tool for implementing and analyzing interactive social media engagements. This tool allows users to plan and execute campaigns, and come up with promotion methods through content visualization.

  • Hootsuite –

This free social media publishing tool is great for scheduling posts on Facebook and Twitter. This tool allows a social media manager to edit, remove, or approve a post before publishing.


Identify Your Audience

Define your target market so you’ll know what type of campaigns work best for your audience. Knowing your audience will also help set the tone of your posts on social networks. If your audience is more of the younger crowd, you can be friendlier in your posts. But if your market is more of the corporate type, you can set a more formal tone when you’re posting on social networks.

  • social media audienceLead Social –

This is a paid Social Media Optimization Tool that analyzes the ROI on your Facebook page/account. This tool helps in measuring users who are engaging more with your Facebook posts.

  • Followerwonk –

This tool works best for Twitter because it’s effective when searching for Twitter profiles through keywords. If you’re working on targeting iOS developers, Followerwonk will lead you to Twitter accounts that mention “iOS developer” on their bios.


Measure Results

Measuring the results of your social media efforts allows you to alter your marketing campaigns for improvement. It’s important to study your social media performance so you can adjust the workflow depending on what will work best for your campaign.

One of the ways to measure results is through social listening. Social listening is learning what users want or need through hashtags and keyword-tracking.

  • Topsy –

measure resultThis is a free tool that lets you search for popular content that might be helpful when creating your own content. Topsy can help you find the most visited links on the net through keywords.

  • Socialbakers –

This tool allows users to measure stats that reflect their social networks’ performance, as well as those of their competitors.

  • Pikochart –

This is a paid SMO tool that allows users to establish an infographic that will help them adjust their social media initiatives to work towards set goals.


Search for Relevant Content

As a social media marketer, you are responsible for coming up with original content that will attract followers and visitors. To start your research, you can start looking for relevant content related to your work; find out why such content is interesting to your target audience.

Here Are Some Tools That Offer a Data-Driven Content Analysis Approach:

  • Google AdWords

This is a premier social media optimization tool that helps users determine keywords that make pages rank.

  • SEMrush –

Much like Google AdWords, SEMrush helps users determine the phrases or keywords that competitors are ranking for. This tool can help you create optimized content that will help you outrank a competitor.

  • SEMDart –

This helps to increase web conversion and makes your website SE friendly. This tool also stands out compared to other competitors and stop delaying your website On-Page and Off-Page SEO Analysis.


Check Your Website with the Free Best Website Checkup Tool

By carefully choosing among those tools and following those pointers, you’ll surely be able to succeed in your optimization endeavors.