Some Fundamentals Of Video Optimization

Video Optimization

Placing a video presentation to add emphasis on the strength of your product when doing an online advertising campaign is now becoming a more common way to land a successful business deal for your company.


“It offers a lot of possibilities to engage your potential customers into patronizing your products using the most creative things possible for you to present and make an appeal to those people to purchase it.

However, since using videos for internet marketing only became a profitable option recently, a lot of problems like long video buffering time still exist in effectively using it to advertise your product on the internet.”

“To address those problems, Video optimization that became popular among entrepreneurs offers ideas that can resolve those basic problems for your visual presentation, making it reach the people you want to persuade to buy your products.

The first solution is to find a reliable video hosting site, YouTube serves as one of the most known to cater to such advertising needs. Because it reduces the time needed for your audience to buffer the video you have uploaded on the site, so enabling them to watch it faster and persuade them to patronize it more effectively.

However, your main problem is how to make your video presentable and easily searchable YouTube users. For that, you need to know the basic ways of Video optimization that you can use to rank your videos higher on the SERP of YouTube.


Harnessing the power of excellent keywords

Excellent KeywordsJust like the normal practice of boosting the visibility of your Website’s articles, video optimization also needs a great set of keywords for it to gain the much-needed attention it needs to rank high on YouTube’s SERP.

With some keyword research effort from your end, your video will make it to the top page of this highly acclaimed video hosting site. In addition, if done correctly, if you choose the right keywords for your video, it may also dominate the Google video SERP as well.

Because YouTube is also a company related to Google, therefore, it may share the same results it’s video SERP gives to people who want to find a digital presentation using Google search.


Do not forget to enrich your video with high-quality description

Quality VideoDo take note of this limitation on the side of YouTube’s bot crawlers: it cannot watch your video when it does its search and relies solely on the information. Armed with this knowledge, you can now turn your attention to focus on providing a complete and detailed description of your video you posted on YouTube.

You should put everything you can write about the video clip you’ve posted, like what is it about, what people can expect from watching your video and everything people and bot crawlers need to know, which it can use to index your video, increasing its chance to rank high on YouTube’s SERP.


Tagging your video is a good idea

TaggingContrary to what other people say, which is assigning a word tag on your video is not that beneficial for the exposure of a video you’ve uploaded on YouTube, this feature does indeed help to make it more visible to your target audience.

If you put on a good amount of tag on your video that is closely associated with the contents of the video you have posted, chances are video bot crawlers of YouTube’s search engine can find and categorize the content you shared better.

It is also not a bad thing to add tags to the visual presentation that your target audience can relate to the things they want to see, as it will improve the chances that your video reaches your target audience quickly.


Creating a sitemap for your video

SitemapHowever, if you host your own video on your website, another video optimization option you can do is to have a sitemap ready for search engine bots to chew upon.

This method is widely known to be the best way for your site’s visitor to see your video clips, because a nicely-created sitemap arranges the contents of your website properly, providing easier access to its visitors and faster indexing time for search engine’s bot crawlers.


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