Steps on becoming a web content writer

A web content writer is a person who is hired to write articles for a website. Aside from writing online essays, this job may also require a writer to write blog posts and edit pre-written articles before posting them online.Basic RGB

Anyone who can write in English well and owns a computer can be an online article writer. Working as one actually has many advantages. In this type of job, you can work anytime and anywhere. You can write articles at home or during your vacation. It’s also up to you whether you will work during weekdays or weekends.

If you want to be a web content writer, you need to follow all these steps:

1.Look for companies that are hiring writers


In order to become an online article writer, you must find a writing service company or website that accepts writers of various ages. If you don’t know one, you can ask a friend if he knows a company that hires aspiring online writers like you.

2.Check each company’s reputation

After looking for writing service companies where you can work as a content writer, check each company’s reputation first before joining one. You can read online reviews about a certain company. Find out if the workers are getting paid or not. Make sure you read every company’s policy as well.

3.Apply in the company where you want to work


Once you’re done checking reviews of certain writing service companies, it’s time to pick the company that you prefer the most. Register in the company’s official website and wait for the instructions. Most companies send e-mails to their applicants. Some also ask their applicants to send a resume and other documents – such as a sample of your work.

4.Submit an entry

So, if a company is requiring you to submit an entry before its staff accepts you, make sure that it is well-written so that you’ll get accepted. As much as possible, submit an error-free output. If you don’t get accepted, don’t lose hope. Always remember that the content writing industry is highly competitive, meaning there are tons of potential employers waiting for people like you.

5.Start claiming assignments

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If you get accepted in the company, tell the staff if you want to be a part-time or a full-time content writer. If the company tells you to start claiming assignments, don’t hesitate to claim. It’s up to you how many assignments will you claim just make sure to submit them on time so that they can be reviewed immediately. It is best to work on assignments that are related to your major or interests.

6.Wait for the payment

After doing your writing assignments, wait for them to be reviewed. If your work met the client’s standards, you’ll get paid for it. If not, the company may reject your work and look for other writers who will complete the article. The staff can also ask you to rewrite the article. If an article gets rejected, you won’t receive any payment for it. The status of your article will depend on its quality and the staff or client’s decision.

7.Review the company


Once you get paid for the articles, don’t hesitate to write a review about the company you’re working for. Let the people know if the company’s legitimate or not. If it’s a good one, recommend it to your friends so that they can earn from writing as well. If it’s not, warn the people about it so that they won’t be scammed.

Given how short that list is, it’s safe to say that it won’t be long before you start earning as a content writer.