The Basics Of Pay Per Click Marketing


Pay per click is a model of online marketing commonly chosen by entrepreneurs. In this type of marketing program, the advertisers pay every time their ads are clicked. It can be considered as paying for the visits to your site, instead of trying to earn the traffic organically.

Search engine advertising is the most popular PPC program. It allows the advertisers to bid for advertising placement in the search engine of the auction host. When someone searches for a keyword that is similar to their business, the ad of the winning advertiser will appear at the top part of the search results page.

Every time an ad is clicked and the visitor is sent to the advertiser’s site, the advertiser will have to pay a small fee to the search engine. If the PPC works well, the advertiser won’t mind the fee because each visit is worth more than the amount paid for the ad.


It takes time and effort to build a winning PPC ad.


It starts with researching and choosing the right keywords.


  • Then the advertiser should organize those keywords into campaigns and advertisement groups.
  • The advertiser will then set up the PPC landing pages, which are refined for conversions.
  • A reward is given to advertisers who manage to create intelligently-targeted PPC campaigns.
  • The search engines will charge them lesser for ad clicks.
  • If the ads and landing pages are satisfactory and useful to the visitors, Google will charge the advertiser with a lower fee for each click, leading to higher revenue for the advertiser’s business.

So, it’s important to do it right the first time if you want to make it work.


About Google AdWords

PPC Google Adwords

  • Google AdWords is a popular pay per click platform that enables advertisers to display advertisements on Google’s search engine.
  • In AdWords, the advertisers bid on keywords and get paid for each click on their ad.
  • Whenever someone is doing a search through Google, the search engine chooses winners among the advertisers.
  • The ads of the chosen winners will then be displayed on the search results page.
  • The winning campaign is based upon the size of the bid, the relevance of keywords, and the content of the ad campaigns.


Managing PPC campaigns is an art.

  • It needs proper attention and thorough thinking to make it prosper.
  • One of the reasons why an ad doesn’t work is because it is far too general.
  • Most searchers look for a specific product or service.
  • Another reason is that the ad doesn’t have a strong value proposition.
  • And lastly, some pay per click campaigns can’t win the top ad placement because they aren’t optimized. There is no chance of earning a profit there.


PPC campaignA good campaign is built on five basic principles:

  1. Keywords
  2. Good Niche
  3. Smart Budget
  4. Good Writing
  5. Intelligent placement


By focusing on the conversions instead of the clicks, the advertiser can get better results.

  • Keep on adjusting your campaign but do it with great caution.
  • If you noticed a change in search patterns and your keywords got fewer clicks, wait for a few days to ensure that this isn’t just a minor statistical issue.
  • Always keep an eye on different factors to avoid spending for nothing.
  • In most cases, even well-designed campaigns need to be adjusted at least once a week.

The PPC campaign has now become a solid internet marketing tool. Most businesses can’t ignore its benefits. Nonetheless, you have to avoid the “more clicks is better” mentality. Keep your eyes on the conversions and the revenue of your investment, and you can succeed in building a profitable pay per click campaign.


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