The Importance of Good SEO Web Design and Hosting Practices

Your SEO web design and hosting practices can be your key to being the owner or developer of a successful website that tops search engine results. Or, those can be the reason why your website remains virtually unknown despite being up and running on the Internet for a number of years.

Web Design & Hosting

Experienced SEO web design and hosting professionals will attest to the fact that a good web design coupled with a reliable hosting service provider is a recipe every budding or aspiring website owner should master. This is if he wants to compete with thousands of other websites that are all vying for that much sought-after position—that is, the first page of Google search results.

Below are a few reasons why good SEO web design and hosting practices are important:


1. Search Engines Do Not See Images-

Search Engines

Search Engine spiders, or crawlers, read a web page’s text, not images. It does not matter if your homepage has countless photos that make it more visually engaging to visitors. Or that it has a thirty-second flash presentation that introduces the other pages on the website. If important keywords are embedded in the images or flash animation instead of written on the webpage itself, the search engine will not be able to detect them. Because of this, web designers should avoid using too many flash presentations on any part of the website. Instead, they should concentrate on other ways to make the pages attractive, while still featuring important keywords.


2. Site Speed Affects a Web Page’s PageRank –


It is essential for a web developer to choose a hosting service provider that can accommodate its clients’ demand for speed, especially when transferring from one page to page in the same website. This is because the speed of the website is one of the factors affecting its pages’ PageRank, which in turn affects the website’s overall rank in search results.

The faster the site speed is, the higher its chances to appear on the first page of the search results. The way a website is designed can affect its speed. If the homepage has too many elements—flash presentations, heavy visuals—it will affect the speed of the overall site, even when the physical server’s original speed is decent, to begin with.


3. Search Engines Penalize Sites With Long Downtime Periods-

Long Downtime Periods

If Google visits your site and finds it down, it will make note of it and mark it against your rank. It is the aim of website owners to make sure their website is up and running 99 percent of the time. To do that, you should get a reliable hosting service provider that is not prone to server crashes. Again, the design of the website also affects the uptime and downtime of the website. Too many elements may cause your website to crash often, despite the credibility of your host server.


4. Search Engines Look at Site URLs-

Your permanent URLs are ready and indexed by search engines. This means that starting from your web address, you should be able to design creative descriptions of your website, using one or two important keywords. Make sure all internal or on-site links are working.


In Conclusion,

Good SEO Web Design and Hosting practices are important because they help promote your site. This is by making it easier for search engine crawlers to read and rank your pages properly in their results.

A good web page design, when supported with good site speed and impressive uptime by a reliable hosting service provider, increases your website’s chances of making it on the first page of Google or Bing and thereby increases traffic to your website.

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