The Role of SEO Companies in the Millennial Society

Although we belong to different nations, groups and ethnicity, we are all part of one society.  This is true, regardless of our vocation, profession, business or craft.OHPGQ30

In this age of advanced technology, it is heart-warming to know that even an SEO company like ours plays an important role in our society.

The Society


From a historical and academic perspective, society refers to the people in general, collectively moving towards the next chapter of civilization.  Our society came from the prehistoric age and transitioned its way from the nomadic way of living to settling in viable locations.

We then discovered fire and lever and moved on to the ancient world. Eventually, we adopted feudalism, replaced it and moved forward towards the Renaissance and the Industrial age.  Now, we are at the digital and information age, the time when human beings and computers coexist in the world.


The Age of Information

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The abundance of information is what best characterizes our modern world.  Through information, we can multitask – for instance, we can study, work and relax all at the same time through the Internet.  Information likewise makes earning passive income possible. All one has to do is invest in stocks and he/she can start earning while sleeping.

We are also kept posted and connected at all times, wherever we may be, through emails and other messenger services.
No doubt, information is what really runs our world and definitely, SEO companies like us, because of the nature of our business, are part of the cast.  But, what role exactly do we play?


Making information accessible

Among the three A’s of information (Abundance, Availability, and Accessibility of Information) – those characteristics that make information useful and relevant to society – SEO companies contribute in each but play their most important role in the third one, the aspect closest to the people.

Supply and abundance of information

For information to be relevant and useful there must be information in the first place.  We, SEO companies, do not determine the supply of information.  However, because it is the sources and providers of information that we work with (they are our clients), it is important for us to maintain good relationships with them.

Availability of information


This answers the question, “Is the information available or not?”  As differentiated from accessibility, it deals with the supply of information whereas the latter deals with the demand.  Availability is determined by the source.

For example, confidential military information is not available to the public because the government prohibits it so.
Our lone task in this regard is to make sure that we are aware of those information available.  When people come to us for help, we should be readily able to point them to the right sources of information.


Accessibility of information

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This is the aspect where we make a lot of impacts.  As mentioned, this deals with the demands of information.  Our job is to make sure that the information sought by people is what they get.  By using the right SEO techniques, we make sure that we bring our clients to the fore if, and when, so needed by anyone.  This translates to marketing or advertising for all our clients, big or small.

Most importantly, inasmuch as we are trying to promote our clients’ pages, we are also serving the demands of the public.

We are not restricting information, rather, we are making information available – as freely, as extensively, and as widely as possible.

It is really nice to know that by simply doing our jobs, we can contribute something to society.  This contribution is unique to our time – whoever thought that making content available online could help determine society’s destiny?