The Tell Tale Signs That You Need A SEO Company For Your Business

When you’re working on a variety of different components for your business, it’s often times difficult to see whether or not your internet marketing is doing what it’s supposed to do.

This is exhibited by so many websites online that are terrible, or are lacking any sort of character, and worst of all, traffic. Traffic is the key to unlocking everything on the internet.


If you have no one visiting your pages, even if they are the most incredible and unique page son the planet, they will be for nothing. You do not want to have a cool website that no one visits, because that defeats the purpose of having a site for your business altogether.

There will be a point where you need to hire a SEO company for your business, plain and simple. If you’re not sure when the time is right, consider a few tell-tale signs that you are in dire need of support.

You Don’t Have Google Analytics Installed (Or It Doesn’t Show Changes)

If you don’t have analytics installed on your page, you need to put it into the framework of your code right now. If you do have it, and you’re checking it regularly, look at the 30 day picture of your pages history.

You will notice one of two things:


•  You have spikes and dips – Your page gets intermittent traffic from a variety of sources, but it’s steady. Some days (like Sunday), the numbers drop significantly, and other days the traffic seems to eclipse other days. Spikes and dips are normal, but obviously not ideal.

Your Site Has Flat Lined – If you see nothing, no changes, no traffic, or 1 or 2 and then a long period of nothing, there’s something wrong. If you have things installed correctly, and you still have no attention, then you are in desperate need of a SEO company’s help.

There is a third thing that could happen, but it will not factor into your need of whether or not you need an SEO professional to help you. If you’re seeing thousands of unique hits, you can always rise up, but this is intended for those that are in dire need.

Sales Have Been Depleted or Haven’t Started

Shopping E-commerce Concept

For those that have an eCommerce or affiliate marketing component of their pages, you will find that you can easily have your site depleted of sales, affiliate marketing traction and more.

There’s nothing worse than having a storefront online with no sales. Some companies have hundreds or even thousands of pieces of inventory and nothing is moving.

If this is the case, you need to call someone to help immediately, because without some heavy lifting, you will not get a sale. Any SEO company worth their salt will get you sales, they can’t promise you riches, but if it’s a matter of traffic, they can get you conversions.

You Search Your Domain Name or Keywords and You Are Nowhere To Be Found


  • Test this from time to time.
  • Take your full URL and search for it in any search engine.
  • If you’re not #1 for your own full domain name, there’s a serious issue.
  • If you search keywords that are related to your business and brand, and you’re not first, then you need professional assistance.
  • The very basic elements of SEO can get you at least listed for your domain name in search results.
  • Without that very basic component, you are going to have a long way to go.
  • In the end, it’s imperative to look at the assistance of a good SEO company. They can transform your marketing into a serious contender in any niche.
  • Establishing a good relationship with them is the first step to getting noticed on the web, that’s for sure.