Troublesome Expectations That Most SEO Agencies Need to Face

SEO Consulting Agencies
Business website owners are not the only ones who feel anxious when hiring a provider, SEO consulting agencies feel the same way.

Not all SEO providers are equal, and not all clients are the same. Take a look at some of the expectations that SEO providers find troublesome (but they know they must provide a reasonable answer).


The Client wants to Land on the First Page of the Search List

There are lots of clients who demand that their site is on the top spot within a year and force the SEO company to promise that they will do everything in their power to make it come true.

It is possible to realize the promise, but time can be unforgiving. It is impossible to guarantee the top spot within a few months, and a request to reach it within a few weeks is like asking the provider to create a miracle.

The most reasonable timeframe in achieving such a request is 36 months, give or take a few months. There are other factors like sudden algorithm updates that sometimes require a lot of modifications. There are clients that just can’t or refuse to understand that landing the top spot takes a lot of work and time. They should not rush things if they want to stay on their favored spot for a long time.

Sometimes, clients even suggest that their SEO consulting firm tries to apply quick fixes and they are willing to engage in black hat SEO. Aside from the fact that the client can get penalized for using underhanded tactics, the quick win can also fade within the same amount of time it was achieved.


The Client Thinks that Writing Quality Content is Easy

ContentJust because a certain SEO provider has years of experience in the industry does not mean that everything is easy to do. Writing quality content is never easy, and there’s also a guideline to follow in using and placing the keywords for optimization. It is prohibited to stuff the content with keywords. The value of the content is lost when that happens. All the reader or visitor sees is the keyword.

There are clients who want to write their own content without trying to incorporate the keywords according to the requirements. The SEO provider sometimes ends up rewriting everything.


SEO can’t do anything about a Poor Product

ProductA good SEO consulting firm can put your website on the first two pages of the search list, but it can’t do anything about a poor product. If you’re selling something and people who saw it chose to visit your site, then there is a huge chance for you to close a deal. If that continues, your business will soon flourish.

If you are selling poor products, then don’t expect your visitors to come again or even recommend your site to their friends and family. You might have an amazing SEO provider that did wonders for your site, but it won’t be enough to boost your sales. Make your products worthy of your visitor’s time and money.

These are just some of the troublesome expectations that SEO providers need to deal with every now and then. When dealing with a provider, try to understand and remember the things they tell you. There are times when a client is more interested in the things that he will get than the things that he needs to do first.

You need to understand and bear in mind that your chosen SEO consulting firm is your partner – one that can help you attain your goal. It is important to establish a harmonious working relationship with them.

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