Video Optimization On YouTube


Looking at how large YouTube become since its establishment fifteen years ago, you may wonder how far this site can contribute to the online presence of your product and the visibility of your company on the internet in general.

To begin with, it is now the second largest search engine online, only inferior to Google, and aside from that, YouTube also gets a whopping more than 800 million unique visitors on a monthly basis. Ignoring this huge place on the internet to spread the word about your product is a foolish thing to do.

Therefore, you should capitalize on the fact that a lot of people visit YouTube daily and have a tried and tested approach in terms of video optimization, ensuring the success of your company’s internet marketing campaign, using YouTube as an avenue to propagate your product.


  • Videos in its SERPKnow The Metrics YouTube Uses in Ranking Videos in its SERP

Following the footsteps of Google, YouTube also doesn’t reveal the exact formula of how they are ranking the videos it shows as a result in your inquiry about a certain subject. However, there seems to be a pattern easily observable if you pay attention to the results it shows on your search.

The dominant traits of the videos getting higher rankings in search results usually have the highest number of views when the query was made, the relation and amount of likes and dislikes the video has, the closeness of the video title to the terms you have used in the search attempt, and the description of the video.


  • Boost The Relativity of Your Video Using its Title

As discussed earlier, one of the most common elements you can take advantage of in your Video Optimization Efforts is the video title itself. To do this, you must put the keyword you want to use as its title.

However, do take note that each video you want to upload to the site only allows up to a maximum of 70 characters for the title of your video clip. Be as precise as possible when you create the title of the video you will upload on YouTube for it to get noticed by people when they searching for clips to watch.


  • Videos in its SERPPour in Every Detail About Your Product on The Video’s Description

One of the trickiest video optimization techniques you need to learn is to get the attention of YouTube’s bot crawlers to prioritize your videos in its SERP.

As it only allows you to display 160 characters that it can initially read to know what is on the video that will support as a kind of summary of the content of the clips you have uploaded to the site.

A good way to capitalize on this small amount of characters allotted for you to use to describe your visual presentation is the link of your website and the keywords you want to associate with it.


  • Associate Your Video To The Right Category

Even if you consider yourself as one of the most skilled Online marketers today, you may fail to capitalize on this little, yet crucial part of sharing your digital clips on YouTube. For instance, if you incorrectly categorize your visual presentation it will not rank high enough on YouTube’s SERP.

Committing the simple error of not putting your video on the right category also reduces the chance that it reaches the right kind of audience it needs to give your business a boost on the sales of your products.


  • Videos in its SERPUse The Captions Feature Wisely

One of the most underutilized features of this global sensation in hosting videos online is adding great caption for your visual content. Using this tool as a video optimization strategy gives the ability to YouTube search engines to a good idea of what is inside the clip you have uploaded to their site.

This is also a great way for persons with disabilities, especially the ones who are deaf and hearing impaired, to understand what your Video is all about easily, just by reading the captions you have placed on your video for them to see.


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