WordPress Plugins Used by The Best SEO Company



WordPress is a great platform for bloggers. The themes are easy on the eyes, the navigation is easy, and more than anything, it makes search engine optimization easy.

With the help of WordPress, you could have your site optimized by the best search optimization firms, but first, you can start by creating your own WordPress blog—and using the best SEO Plug-ins to drive both traffic and revenue to the site!


SEO By Squirrly

If you are a beginner in the industry, you need the help of a reputable SEO Service Provider, to help optimize your site. But first, you could try using SEO by Squirrly. For the most part, it is made for non-SEO experts and could easily help create better content, as well as check analytics and rankings.

The great thing about Squirrly is that it helps you write content that is not only SEO-friendly but human-friendly, as well. This means that content is really full of information—so it would not be considered spam, but at the same time, you know that it would bring a lot of good for your business.

You would also know if the content you have written is publishable, in terms of search engine optimization, because a green light would appear onscreen. The best search engine optimization company offers top-notch services, and so without knowing the algorithms, they also would not be as important as they are now.


Aside From That, They Could Also Help With The Following:


• 285% traffic is added because of well-optimized articles;

• Strong keyword algorithm—making sure it is both readable and has been well-optimized;

• Helps find topics and keywords that most people search for;

• Sends audit reports through email;

• Tracks every aspect of your content marketing strategy;

• Analyzes every article you put out—to give you accurate descriptions and reviews, and;

• Helps you create the most attention-grabbing headlines.



Broken Link Checker

Another great tool that drives traffic is the Broken Link Checker. You see, the thing about search engine optimization is that it is not just all about working links—it is also about checking whether there are any broken links around. Broken links could be detrimental to your success because when people see those links first and feel like they couldn’t open them, of course, they might get the idea that it’s how it would go for the rest of your site, too.


Other Things That Broken Link Checker Could Do For You Are:


• It does not just check links that do not work, but also redirects and notifies for broken or missing images, as well;

• It monitors all links you have in your posts, custom fields, blogroll, comments, and pages;

• It allows direct editing of links from the plug-in page without having to deal with each of the pages;

• Filter links could be searched simply by inputting URLs or even anchor texts;

• It allows search engines to stop showing broken links on the results page—which is ultimately helpful for you, and;

• It sends you notifications via email, or on the dashboard!


Share This


One of the most useful SEO tools available, Share This has been around for a while now, but it has been improved to work with the kind of posts that are being used today.


With The Help Of The New Share This, Your Site Will Work Great Because Of The Following Features:


• Use either small or large buttons, depending on your preferences and on the kind of site that you have;

• Use the Social Analytics Dashboard to get better insights about your posts;

• Choose from 120 social channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn;

• Join Webinars regarding Infinite Scroll, Leveraging Analytics with Power Quality Referral Traffic, Mobile Engagement, or Evaluation of Social Cycle;

• Analysis of the site’s social quality;

• Top social channel reports, and;

• Tracking users and addresses with copy-paste mechanisms!


SEO Friendly Images

The very best sites online remain on top because they make use of images that are considered SEO-friendly. SEO does not just involve uploading and downloading images—but also putting the proper attributes, including TITLE and ALT—and if you’re too busy to do that, don’t worry because SEO-friendly images will do that for you!

By doing so, you will know that the posts have been optimized for XHTML/W3C. This is important because it means that the search engines would easily find your posts because images have been properly described. This way, proper matches could be made!


All-in-One SEO Pack

And finally, in order to create affordable search optimization services, reputable search optimization companies sure that you have to make use of the All-in-one SEO Pack tool that gives you almost everything that you need to make sure that your site has been properly optimized.

google-business-button-indexThis Includes The Following:


• Google Analytics Support;

• XML Sitemap Support, so you would also get great ranks in Bing;

• Fine Tune Page Navigational Links;

• Support for CMS-Style WordPress Installations;

• Great Security—which makes sure everything is private and would not be copied from you;

• Titles are automatically optimized for them to be easily searched through Google and other search engines;

• The best integration for eCommerce sites;

• Compatibility with most other plug-ins;

• Avoid duplicate content, and;

• Making sure that META Tags have been automatically placed.


There’s more than one great, reliable search engine optimization company and with these firms’ hard work, it is definitely not hard to see why. The results speak for themselves!