SEO Service and The Fall of Mad Men

To some, the dream may have begun with the 2000 Mel Gibson-Helen Hunt romantic comedy “What Women Want.”

And if that reference stands as far too obscure for most, then perhaps you can credit the nearly a decade run of the always dapper, unmistakably charismatic, single malt whiskey swigging ways of the lead character Don Draper on “Mad Men.” 

But whichever pop culture representation you want to point to, Hollywood has always portrayed the advertising executive with a distinct cloak of cool; a life lived in a collage of alcohol, stunning women, and an unending platform to nurture creativity. 

Unfortunately, in 2015, aspiring to be an advertising executive is supposedly not all it is made out to be, according to multiple sources.

Forbes, for one, points out that with the continued evolution of technology, coupled with society’s growing affinity for everything to be on-demand and uninterrupted, an increasing number of people are cutting ties with their TVs. Commercial-free streaming services and the inkling for binge-watching are starting to become the norm.

The Telegraph recently ran an article with the Top Five most overrated jobs, and as one might guess after the above intro, advertising executives easily made the cut. 

According to the article, reaching out to those who come up with creative spin campaigns has faded in favor of the search for a reliable SEO agency that’s in constant pursuit of SEO rankings – which, of course, is accomplished through good SEO service.

Rather than crafting an entire campaign based on an emotion consumer can relate to, an SEO agency would much rather come up with a three-word tagline that upwards of 10 countries that speak different languages can understand.

And in case the total landscape shift wasn’t enough, US site CareerCast’s annual survey of overrated jobs crowns the advertising executive as the most overrated job of all, with an annual median salary of $115,750, along with a meager growth outlook of 12 percent. 

The aforementioned sources may have established an indirect correlation between being an advertising executive and the SEO agency, but while in a lot of cases the importance of SEO rankings and proper SEO service may have helped create a paradigm shift, it doesn’t mean that advertising firms and an SEO agency are one and the same. 

SEO agency

So what exactly do these firms do?

According to Josh Steimle, a contributor for Forbes, a simple and short answer could be that an SEO agency helps companies get business from search engines through three main kinds of SEO service: creating content, building high-quality links, and analyzing results then adjusting as necessary.  

The above may suffice for a casual inquiry as to what exactly the SEO business is about, but in a business meeting with a potential client, an SEO firm would have to dig down much deeper. 

As noted by Steimle, an SEO agency always starts with research, audit, and analysis. With every client, website, and industry having unique sets of variables, search optimization firms cannot have a set SEO service formula that would guarantee results.

While the outside world may be quick to label the SEO field as nothing beyond crunching numbers and keywords, the Forbes article points to an SEO agency being problem solvers, with no clear idea of how they’ll get to where they want, but with the certainty that they’ll be able to figure it out along the way. 

After the initial research and analysis, SEO firms would come up with means to optimize a company’s existing online platforms, which could include website redesign, competitor research, and brand monitoring, among a slew of other activities.

Needless to say, it’s both a science and an art—a formulation of a method amidst the madness of the Internet and its users.

While you’ve probably heard of entrepreneurs who’ve attempted to do search optimization firsthand, the task’s sheer complexity is the reason why you barely hear about those who’ve succeeded. 

The advertising executive as a profession may not be what it used to be in decades past, but it is more a byproduct of technological evolution than anything else.

And it has come to be that an SEO agency has come up with solutions to answer that call.

Well, if you’re not really that worried about your firm’s budget, the ideal answer lies somewhere in the middle. After all, while more and more people are going online to look for things to purchase, many still prefer to see what advertising executives came up with.

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