Basic Rules of Social Media Optimization

social media optimization

Just like with every business practice that is done today, social media optimization also comes with a set of guidelines that need to be followed. These rules were developed by experts who swore by the power of social media to help businesses generate revenue.

These guidelines exist to determine what factors in social media marketing should be focused on and how to up your game when you are doing social media optimization.

Create an SMO Strategy

social media strategy

Creating a marketing strategy is very important for any business, and it’s the same for Social Media Optimization. It’s essential to have an SMO strategy so you can guarantee that you’re promoting your brand and products on social networks properly.

Developing an SMO Strategy may include scheduling posts, sending newsletters to subscribers, learning new SMO tools to fortify your online command, and revamping the articles that you will be posting on your social networks.

Participate in Conversations and Reach Out to Your Community

The essence of social media optimization is to let your target group know about your brand or products. This involves having to communicate with them and sharing them your goals. It’s important to always be in touch with your community so they will be driven to spread your message and gather more followers.

This rule requires patience and discipline. If a customer or a member of a community is asking for something important regarding your product, try your best to reply and avoid giving them the cold shoulder.

Be a Good Resource to Your Followers

Follow Support Ideas Teamwork Social Media Concept

This rule implies that you have to provide your followers their needs even if you will not benefit from it. If your follower is asking for something but the only answer to the request lies in your competitor, be the resource that he needs and give him what he wants.

Give your followers information even if it has to come from a competitor so they will know that you’re a reliable source. It can benefit you in the end when they add a link of your social site to their page.

Produce Original Content

Producing original content is important to make your presence known to search engines. It may seem impossible to come up with original content with every possible piece of information now available on the Internet. Still, you need to create content that will be shared and spread socially through different networks.

Work on Your “Linkability”

Working on your linkability has everything to do with how well your posts and updates are seen or visited. Most businesses come up with a blog site in order to make visitors link their website to their social pages.

Tagging and Bookmarking

Tagging is still an important technique to bring hits to a website or to a social page. Tags need to be totally relevant in order to be seen by users and they have to be included on social bookmarking sites.

Tagging ad Bookmarking

In blog sites, the button “Tweet this” is incorporated at the end of every post. This is a good approach as Twitter is a huge social sharing hub and a lot of unique visits come from Twitter users.

Identify Target Audience

Knowing how to target your market is critical in establishing your brand online. You have to identify the kind of audience that suits your product the most. The only way you can create an online community though is by understanding what your audience needs and how to lure people to your products.

Reward Valuable Followers and Customers

Customers want to feel prioritized and valued – that’s why you must never run short of giving “thanks” to your followers. There are many ways on how you can show your appreciation for their loyalty.

For starters, you can send your followers emails and tell them how grateful you are for their support. Engage them in a private conversation and let them know that you are always open to inquiries and suggestions.


By following those guidelines, rest assured that your social media marketing activities would all be fruitful.

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