Quantifying the Value of Pay Per Click Advertising

pay per click

One of the more popular forms of internet advertising pay-per-click (PPC) was developed to fill the need of advertisers for an innovative and effective avenue to reach out to potential customers.

As internet usage increased over the years, so did the potential of using paid search marketing to help businesses grow. PPC ad placements are, by now, so well-integrated into search results that they appear seamlessly with and complement organic or unpaid search displays.

The prominence of this ad type on web pages gives credence to its value to publishers, users, advertisers, search engines, and other segments of the online industry that it has created.


Paid Search Advertising

It provides an effective medium for advertisers to gain huge traffic to their site for a fraction of a fee for conventional advertising models. The widespread use of the internet allows global brands to cross borders and be promoted in other countries or remote areas at comparatively lower costs.


Pay Per Click


Pay Per Click provides a channel for advertisers to deliver their product pitch to users who are most likely to convert, as revealed by their search terms. Moreover, it produces quantifiable results that can help businesses track their progress, assess its effectiveness, and make necessary modifications quickly and conveniently. The advertisers are not the only ones who benefitted by this industry.

Searchers who are actively using the internet for finding information are provided with multiple options related to their search terms. The search results page displays ads that are strategically selected through sophisticated ad networks’ systems.


Search Engines

Search engines are given the unique opportunity to serve both advertisers and internet users at the same time. While deriving revenue through its highly-targeted advertisement slots, search engines are also providing timely and relevant results to its users. It is in the best interest of these search networks to satisfy the demands of both clients and users.


Third-Party Content Sites

Third-party content sites that have affiliations with major search engines and ad networks also enjoy advantages from contextual ads displayed on their page. Aside from keeping a share of profits for every click made on these pay for click ads, content site owners get the chance to provide valuable information and more options to their followers or casual readers.


PPC Management

PPC management often requires the technical skills of professional digital marketing professionals who likewise gain in terms of income generated from setting up, reviewing, revising, and fine-tuning ad campaigns.


Online Advertising Channel


As an online advertising channel, the PPC model is absolutely valuable for online stores or e-commerce sites and other direct response businesses.

Searchers using keywords that trigger the ads display for these advertisers are actively and willingly seeking products or services that a website is selling and are most likely to convert. PPC ads give these businesses the opportunity to claim high-value ad slots that take users to their websites in an instant.


Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising also works well on short-ranged ad strategies to introduce new products, services, or promotions to the market. While providing immediate awareness on a big scale, PPC also fills the need for a medium that allows messages and contents to be modified or adjusted easily any time within campaign duration at little or no incremental cost. This can be very expensive and time-consuming with traditional advertising media.


Pay Per Click Marketing

pay per click

Through pay per click marketing, new players or advertisers are given an even chance to compete with famous brands and companies and to land in the search results’ top spot through equitable and unbiased bid-based ads placement.

Paid search marketing can actually work well for most business types with proper implementation. Pay per click as an online marketing model is likely to stay and grow as the internet becomes truly global, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

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