SEO Web Design and Hosting Services

SEO Web design and Hosting Services


There Are Three Basic Types Of Hosting Services.


It is your job as a Website Owner to choose one that will best cater to your needs.


Dedicated Hosting Service (DHS):-

Dedicated Hosting ServicesIn dedicated (or managed) hosting service, your service provider assigns you to one physical server. Sole ownership of a physical server means that you do not need to share the server’s bandwidth and disk space with other clients. It also means you have complete control over the server’s operating system (you can choose from either Linux or Windows). Unfortunately, DHS is too expensive and therefore, not advisable for those who are just planning to start a small blog, forum, or website. 

Web developers using DHS can take advantage of its sole ownership of the server and use good SEO web design and hosting techniques. One way of doing this is by adding more visuals or video elements in the layout of the pages. This would have been difficult if the website is operating under a shared physical server. If you are a designer using DHS, you can have more freedom to design the web pages in the way you want, without having to worry about negatively affecting the speed of the website. You do not need to worry too much about downtime too, so you can concentrate on adding features and pages which you may not be able to add if you are sharing the server with other clients.


Virtual Private Server (VPS):-

Virtual Private ServerIf you are not willing to splurge for a DHS server but you still have a decent budget for your server, you can opt for a virtual private server instead. Leasing a VPS means that you hold sole proprietorship over a virtual server, but you share the physical server with at least one more client. Because of this, you will be sharing the IP address with those who lease the same physical server. VPS allows you to configure your virtual server depending on your needs, without needing to consult with the other clients connected to the physical server. This gives you a bit more freedom, without having to pay as much as you would have, had you paid for a DHS service instead.

The need to produce a quality SEO Web Design, and hosting limitations for VPS, is a challenge for all web designers using this type of server. Because the bandwidth is not as big as it was in DHS, you should think of ways of designing the website using less fancy materials, but still enough to attract the attention of both first-time visitors and regular users.  You can do this by adding images with quality but smaller resolution or using an attractive image header for the homepage. You should make sure that important keywords are found in the alt text, to make it easier for search engine crawlers to read the website.


Shared Web Hosting Service (SWHS):-

Shared Web Hosting ServiceAs the name implies, a shared web hosting service means that you share the physical and virtual servers with other clients. This is the most affordable option in the list, and thus the best deal for starting web developers or for those who are only planning to host a small blog or forum. Unfortunately, because you share the server with other websites, you are limited in what you can do with your website. Design that is too fancy will cause downtime or slow loading speed and will affect your ranking in search results. 

For websites hosted in an SWHS, it is best to stick with a simple but classy design, one that will still show off what the website has to offer, without the use of too many visuals. Avoid big flash presentations as they eat bandwidth which you can use for other pages. Again, since you are looking into maximizing SEO web design and hosting, make sure you use enough keywords in your design and meta tags.


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