Six Reasons You Should Go for Mobile Local SEO

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If you are a local business owner, chances are you are already making use of local SEO to drive traffic to your website, and to drive potential customers to your establishment. But there is a developing trend towards bringing local SEO to people’s mobile phones, and it would benefit you to take advantage of that.


Here Are Six Reasons To Convince You To Go Mobile Local SEO.


1. Being mobile-friendly is so now

Mobile FriendlyThe use of mobile phones is so widespread nowadays that the idea of anyone choosing not to use them still boggles the minds of smartphone users. Almost everyone you know, presumably including yourself, totes this ingenious device anywhere. Going mobile has become such an integrated part of the lives of its users that losing one’s smartphone has the possibility of bringing someone over the edge.

People no longer use their phones for sending messages or receiving calls. Smartphones have evolved to become indispensable tools for making global connections, getting entertained (ebooks, games, movies), shopping, and most importantly, running one’s business.


2. Mobile traffic exceeds desktop traffic

People are now spending more time in thumbing their noses at their smartphones than in getting online in the comfort of their desks. More than ever, almost everyone is literally on the move and hardly any time is left to slack off in the office, go home, or visit an internet shop for a quick log-in. Reaching for one’s smartphone is now the way to go when checking anything online.


3. Mobile users check out local businesses on their mobile phones

People are always in the middle of doing something in the middle of somewhere. This means that if someone accidentally locks himself out of his car, or an office worker suddenly feels that she seriously needs to have a mini-facial at lunchtime, he or she is more likely to check the local facial center or locksmith agency on his or her mobile phone.


4. Search engines might be gearing towards mobile local SEO

Search Engines

It appears that search engines may be getting ready to reward high ranking in local searches to businesses whose websites get significantly high mobile traffic. Mobile-friendly websites are being given the “mobile-friendly” label in search results, while notices are being issued to authors of websites that theirs are not mobile-friendly. Anyone who understands the importance of yielding to what search engines treat as crucial should know that these are signs that the future of mobile local SEO has arrived.


5. Your competition may be getting ahead of you

Mobile Friendly LabelIt would not be wise to assume that you are the only one thinking about being mobile-friendly. It pays to always keep tabs on what other owners of businesses similar to yours are doing on their end. Do their search engine page results show a mobile-friendly label? This means their sites are getting more visits from mobile phone users than your own does. To top it off, having the mobile-friendly tag makes a website appear more authoritative and reliable to mobile and desktop internet users alike, and this drives even more traffic to the said mobile-friendly site.


6. The customers are always right

The fact that search engines are starting to take notice of the impact that high mobile traffic has on local searches shouldCustomers Perspective be enough to convince you to go to the mobile local SEO way now. How will you go about it? It helps to keep the following in mind –


    • Use a font that is easy on the viewers’ eyes.

    • Spare your audience the trouble of having to use the zoom-in feature on their mobile phones by ensuring that your content fits the screen.

    • Avoid the practice of squeezing numerous links onto your content. Place them far apart from one another to avoid tapping on them all at once. 

    • By all means, don’t use software and apps that are rarely used in most mobile phones.


To help your business get to the top and stay there, it is now necessary to update and upgrade your site and make it mobile-friendly.


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