Link Building Techniques

Blink building

Once webmasters are through with designing and optimizing the next thing on their agenda is link building techniques

People in hurry or those initiating the process of building links based on incomplete knowledge or without a plan most suffer in the long run.

The majority of them don’t know but they are in the danger zone where spiders and search engines are concerned. Some because of over-aggressive campaigns; and others because they are not doing it as expected. Anchor texts not in order, the frequency may not be right, websites and blogs they choose for guest posting may not hold any value in the eyes of the spiders and search engines because they are badly managed, and so on.

Cleansing the domain should be the first consideration before one starts to build links using latest Link Building Techniques, no linking with blogs and sites using black hat SEO and dynamic pages using re-directs. Similarly –


link buildingYou should also steer clear of article marketing spam :

Such types of articles are written and posted in various article libraries with a single purpose of getting backlinks and generally the articles have nothing new to offer, worse still the content is a poor copy of the original write up; these things work against the blog that is being promoted.

Such scams should be identified as early as possible and not considered as a part of plan. Also blogs that are lying unpublished for a long time become stale for spiders and one should try to not get associated with such blogs either. In other words, blogs not updated regularly lying unattended are to be avoided.


Side wide footer links were a rage at one time but not anymore:

footerWith changes in market and search engine dynamics, they are a strict no-no for people who are serious about promoting their blog or website organically.

For that matter, website and blog submissions in various directories are also uncalled for. We don’t have to go looking for directors to be found in SE, it’s the job of a spider. Our job is to concentrate on making our blog or site a better place and offer the experience to our visitors that we are trying to attract organically.

Likewise, link bait is another strategy that should be avoided. Paid links if identified can jeopardize your site in no time. Likewise, steer clear of forum scam; profile scam etc. people do all sorts of things to get attention. They twist everything that can be managed simply.

Keep the above mentioned faulty and unethical link building techniques out of your plan and focus on everything clean and organic; the cleaner route may be difficult and results may take time to show but they will take your business to the height that you can never expect to be achieved by bad linking strategies